We understand entrepreneurship needs hard work and passion, managing risk along the journey to reach success.While confidence is essential, it's important to retain our core values through our mission.

Good people are rarely celebrated while they're alive, their effect often goes unnoticed for decades, although they might not get any accolades, one thing is for sure: these individuals are committed to improving the world they inhabit.

At Faith Capital Holding our mission is to identify and embrace these champions, then expedite and amplify their contribution. Our team does this by sharing deep expertise, successful processes and a scalable culture that places goodness at the cornerstone of our value system.

We celebrate those that spend their time producing gifts everyone else can be grateful for. We invest in technology businesses, regardless of their geographical location. At Faith Capital the duty to serve the people we do business with is important. Whether it's being role models for good business or investing in promising, postive and impactful ideas, we always strive to increase the wealth of the people, community, and society we operate in. 


Lead and set the new standard for venture capital globally by providing deep strategic, operational and financial support to investments


Inspire a culture of good entrepreneurship that elevates the standard of living globally, both economically and ethically.