At Faith Capital, we are committed to the growth and betterment of where we live and operate. This page showcases some of the ways we and our investments give back to our communities.


As part of Faith Capital’s never-ending devotion to humanitarian work, Faith Capital and Justclean lead by launching our Quarterly initiative in collaboration with the Mercy Committee for Medical Services, under the umbrella of Al Najat Charitable Society.

Faith Capital and Justclean collected donations and aided expatriates in need of medical care. We had the opportunity of witnessing the difference every person makes. Faith Capital and Justclean were not only leaders in this Movement but also the only sponsors in this remarkable event.

December, 2017


Humanitarian work highlights the image of social solidarity among people and this is the title of any civilized society. It's part of our company's value and one of our main cores that we stand for, as we decided to make it a habit for every quarter to do something similar and we called it JustGood. This month we had a visit to the dimensions center where part of our team took the initiatives and worked together to make it once another successful JustGood event, we love to see during our next activity more of our team members contributing with us simply by volunteering in making our public responsibility program a success story.

October, 2017


Faith Capital and JustClean are proud to have launched our CSR initiatives this Ramadan by partnering with Al-Najat Charity. Members of the Faith Capital and JustClean family distributed hundreds of food vouchers to the families in need.

June, 2017