At Faith Capital, we are committed to the growth and betterment of where we live and operate. This page showcases some of the ways we and our investments give back to our communities.


With the start of the new school year, our Giving Back Initiative was put into place for students who were in need of school supplies and didn’t have the means to purchasing them. In our Back to School Initiative we distributed school packs filled with school supplies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, for students to be prepared with the right tools to start their educational year.

September 2019


Education is the tool to success, and we firmly believe that every person should have the opportunity to be taught and be prepared to learn. This quarter our initiative aimed to provide 60 students with school packs filled with necessary school supplies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to start their school year optimistic.

September 2019


There are many tools for success, but a primary tool is education. This quarter in Kuwait we distributed school packs filled with school supplies for eager students, who are passionate about their studies and their future. We ask Allah (SWT) to bless them in their journey to success and knowledge.

September 2019


Understanding challenges that people face on a daily basis, and helping them overcome these difficulties is what we aimed to do in our Giving Back: Back to School Initiative. We provided students in the United Arab Emirates with school packs filled with necessary school supplies to start this year with a new beginning.

September 2019


With the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan, our Ramadan initiative had also come: “Feel What They Feel”. During Ramadan we planned not only to sympathize with the needy but give them the gift of essentials. In Kuwait, we collaborated with the Red Crescent Society to donate 150 essential baskets to various individuals in need. We were able to inshallah spread the joy and humility that Ramadan offers.

May 2019


With the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan, we distributed the gift of food to the under privileged who do not have the blessing of food on their tables every night. In the UAE, we collaborated with Dar Al Ber Society, and were able to carry out a meal distribution that catered to more than 100 well deserving people. 

May 2019


With the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramadan, this year we decided to deliver the gift of food in a meal distribution to under privileged individuals in Bahrain, who on a daily basis pray for a hot meal.  We collaborated with Tarbeia Islamic Society, and were able to feed many well deserving people in a blessed time of the year.

May 2019


As part of our ongoing mission to give back, Faith Capital and justclean collaborated with KACCH for our inspiring initiative: Toy Drive for Happiness. We introduced a company drive that gathered different toys for various age groups for children who are unfortunately confined to one area. We ask Allah (SWT) for their speedy recovery and that our initiative inshallah bring joy to their lives.

May 2019


Faith Capital and justclean’s on-going mission to give back to the community, has undertaken a segment of a society in Kuwait where every individual holds a particular faith: Faith in the Creator. A segment whose faith has guided them and belief has paved their way in life.

In an effort to assist these believers, we have collaborated with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society to assist in the rehabilitation of those diagnosed with autism, special needs, and disrupted youth. Shedding light to these effervescent individuals will brighten their future and bring awareness to continue assisting their cause.

March 2019


As part of our never-ending mission to give back, we collaborated with Dar al Ber Society Dubai, to provide the most essential necessity to all humankind: water. Through our initiative, Water for Life, we were able to donate 4 water tanks that were placed around different locations in the United Arab Emirates, specifically in areas of workers who without water would suffer the indefinite consequences of the scorching sun.

March 2019


Our on-going mission to give back to the community had undertaken a new challenge. In collaboration with Terbia Islamic Society in the Kingdom of Bahrain we donated to water charity where a portion of that charity will aid in education, mosques, any charitable assistance.

March 2019


Our 1st Initiative to take place in The Kingdom of Bahrain Fix to Rebuild in collaboration with Tarbeia Islamic Society,  was aimed to restore hope to those whose house flooded from the rain . These families were at risk of their roofs collapsing at any given moment, and in so were forced out of their homes. To restore hope to these families, we renovated the roof of a house by insulating it with materials that would protect and prevent the unpredicted damage that flash storms and heavy rains would cause.  

December 2018


Our on-going mission to give back to the community, has expanded to the United Arab Emirates. Our 1st Initiative to take place in the United Arab Emirates, Surviving to Live, focused on a segment of society who despite having financial hardships did not succumb to their circumstances. In collaboration with Dar Al Ber Society, we were able to  financially assist 10 families. God willing, we were able to ease some of their struggles and end their year on a high note.   

December 2018


Faith Capital and justclean’s on-going mission to give back to the community, has undertaken a segment of our society that was tragically struck by the November 2018 Flash Floods in Kuwait. A segment whose houses were destroyed, memories and valuables ruined by the rain. In an effort to assist these families in need, Faith Capital and justclean, were able to assist 11 families who were in need of help.

December 2018


Our on-going mission to give back to the community, had undertaken a new segment of our society in Kuwait; that of strong-willed fighters. A segment whose diagnosis had forced them to fight every single day. Those who have been diagnosed with cancer undergo a battle that inshallah they will succeed in.In an effort to assist these fighters and join in their battle against cancer, justclean and Floward collaborated with Hussein Makki Jumaa Cancer Control Centre, aiming to take on the Battle to Defeat Cancer headstrong.  We collected donations and in turn 50 patients received those donations. 

With this Movement we hope,these patients struggle and fight will never go unoticed.

September 2018


Faith Capital and justclean’s on-going mission to give back to the community, has foretaken a new segment of our society in Kuwait. A segment who unfortunate events has been bestowed upon them. 

In an effort to give light to this situation, Faith Capital, justclean and Floward distributed Eid Gifts on June 9 2018 for the orphans who attended this event. In our Second Quarter initiative: Give to Receive, we collected donations and in turn 40 families each received vouchers valued at KD 50.  

June 2018


Faith Capital and justclean's ongoing mission to give back to the community undertook another segment of society in Kuwait. The segment of the Elderly. On Wednesday 21st of March 2018, justclean sponsored the Elderly Care Management Mother's Day Ceremony at the Farah Specialist Centre in the Sulaibikhat area ( in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour). justclean donated many essential resources such as sofa's, curtains, doors, AC units and valuable gifts for both the men and women.

We ask Allah  (SWT) to accept our good deeds and grant us the ability to do more good on this earth.

 March 2018


As part of Faith Capital’s never-ending devotion to humanitarian work, Faith Capital and justclean lead by launching our Quarterly initiative in collaboration with the Mercy Committee for Medical Services, under the umbrella of Al Najat Charitable Society in Kuwait.

Faith Capital and justclean collected donations and aided expatriates in need of medical care. We had the opportunity of witnessing the difference every person makes. Faith Capital and justclean were not only leaders in this Movement but also the only sponsors in this remarkable event.

December 2017


Humanitarian work highlights the image of social solidarity among people and this is the title of any civilized society. It's part of our company's value and one of our main cores that we stand for, as we decided to make it a habit for every quarter to do something similar and we called it JustGood. During the month of October 2017 justclean had a visit to the dimensions center in Kuwait where our team took the initiative and worked together to make it another successful JustGood event. 

October 2017


Faith Capital and justclean were proud to have launched our CSR initiative Ramadan of 2017 by partnering with Al-Najat Charity. Members of the Faith Capital and justclean family distributed hundreds of food vouchers to  families in Kuwait who were in need.

June 2017