Last-Mile Logistics

Investment Round

Series B

Founded in 2016 by Hassan Hallas and Dr. Walid Moneimne, Lyve is a GCC based tech-enabled last-mile logistics digitization platform. In 2020, Lyve was rebranded from One Click, as it further positions itself as a leading digital logistics group with agile tech solutions and a clear brand identity. The company empowers its partners with the latest and most advanced platforms enabling them to efficiently cater to the modern customer’s needs. Together with its ever-expanding portfolio of digital transformation and patented technologies, Lyve’s plug and play solutions empower businesses across multiple verticals to seamlessly manage logistic operations, optimize fleet schedule and tracking, enable brand presence and enhance more customer reach-out channels. All this with an advanced and powerful analytics engine at your fingertips. Leading brands from the e-commerce, pharmaceutical, telecom, grocery and F&B industries are amongst Lyve’s numerous clients globally. With its main offices in the UAE, Lyve also operates from multiple countries around the world.