Yasmeen Elayyan

Assistant to the Deputy Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Yasmeen is Assistant to the Deputy Chairman & Chief Executive Officer with Faith Capital Holding.

Before joining Faith Capital’s team, Yasmeen held the position of Language Arts Elementary Head of Department. In her capacity as a Head of Department, Yasmeen managed systems and implemented new curricula standards in parallel with being the main point of contact between upper level management and first level staff members.

Yasmeen previously worked in a successful startup, Bridges Development Solutions, managing different functions and administrative responsibilities within the field of training and development.

Prior to such role, Yasmeen was employed as Assistant Manager and Head of the Foreign Teachers Exchange Program with a Turkish corporation, Oxford as Academy in partnership with Nilufer International.

Yasmeen received her Bachelor’s Degree with a major in English Language and Literature with a minor in Public Administration in 2012.