Nabil Khalid Jaffar



With over 40 years’ involvement as a senior executive and business leader at the highest levels, Nabil brings a wealth of experience, leadership and insight to Faith Capital and its portfolio companies.

Nabil started his career in 1976 in the Investment Department of the Ministry of Finance, Kuwait and progressed after two years to the Controller of USA Investments which had under management a multi-billion dollar fund.

Nabil also held two Board positions with publicly traded Kuwaiti companies, namely Kuwait Investment Company and thereafter, Kuwait Real Estate Company.

Following these prominent roles, Nabil then spent 28 years as Director of Foreign Investments with Kuwait Commercial Real Estate Centre (Mubarak Al Hassawi & Company), one of the region’s largest property development and hospitality companies with worldwide assets and operations. In this role, Nabil spent many years managing the company’s international business affairs from London as Managing Director of Messila House Limited.

More recently, Nabil has acted as executive and non-executive director for his Group’s various businesses which include extensive interests in London as well as Kuwait London Company, a thriving and growing food and beverage enterprise. Nabil was also one of the principal investors in an e-commerce company acquired in 2010 and which sold in 2015 to Rocket Internet for a record price for the region.

With oversight of the investments of Faith Capital, Nabil brings almost unparalleled wisdom and judgement to Faith Capital and those companies in which it invests following his distinguished business career to date.